Across the Riverwind (ျမစ္ေလကုုိဆန္၍)


A city boy takes a boat ride across the Yangon River to go fishing. A family of grandma, daughter and her son live near where he was fishing. The daughter sells plastic bottles she collected along the river banks. At dusk, she comes back for another part-time job, prostitution, where she takes men on to the ship to have paid sex. She asks the city boy in their slang, inviting him to have paid sex. Not knowing the context, the city boy accepts the offer and goes on to the ship with her, where he admits he just followed her to visit the place. Disappointed, the daughter tells about that to her mother who invites him to sit down and they talk. After their awkward conversation, he gives them some money and leaves. What happens next, would be the most remarkable encounter for him. The film ends without revealing the ending.



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